Oral Reading Fluency 3: “There Is Much to Do”

Practice Text 3 “There Is Much to Do”
Word count: 74

Words from General Service List (GSL) #1-200
href=”http://jbauman.com/gsl.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>http://jbauman.com/gsl.html

Vocabulary Profiler: 97% high frequency words (1-1000)

Gunning Fox Index
2.545 on http://gunning-fog-index.com/
2.6 on https://readability-score.com/

TEACHERS: You can use the text for a dictation, a gapped text, or other form of classroom practice. For your convenience, here is the text you can copy and paste into a Word document

Nora looks at her work this morning. There is much to do. She thinks, “It’s too much for me.”

No, Nora. It’s too much for one day, but it’s not too much for one life. Make a plan. It will take days. It might take years, but you can do this. At the moment, you cannot see the end. Keep your course, and you will see it. You’ll get there.

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