Oral Reading Fluency 12 – “Going for a Drive” – Read, reflect, and learn!

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Practice Text 12 “Going for a Drive”
Word count: 85
Words from General Service List (GSL) #1-450

Vocabulary Profiler:
99.09% high frequency (#1-1000)
0.90% high frequency (#1001-2000)

Gunning Fox Index
2.73 on http://gunning-fog-index.com/
2.8 on https://readability-score.com/

TEACHERS: You can use the text for a dictation, a gapped text, or other form of classroom practice. For your convenience, here is the text you can copy and paste into a Word document.

The door was open. The car was running. It was now or never, so the little boy got in. He was going for a drive! Yes, he was leaving. He was going off into the world to do big things.

“Stop!” said a voice. The boy’s mother appeared before his foot could reach the gas. “I’m just going down the street,” he told her.

Her head moved from side to side. “You can’t go yet, but the road will wait for you.”

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