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Practice exercise:

Marcia writes an email to one of the candidates giving them the news that they have not got the job.


Marcia Boardman: …ok…ok…that’s great! We’ll be pleased to have you on the team! Looking forward to seeing you next week! Bye!

Philip Hart: Was that Sarah?

Marcia Boardman: Yes – she’s going to accept the job, and wants to come in next week for a chat…

Philip Hart: Great news. Now you just have to tell the other guy that we don’t want him…

Marcia Boardman: I hate giving bad news…

Philip Hart: I’m glad that it’s your job and not mine!

Marcia Boardman: Ok, may as well do it straightaway… Dear Mr Watson…we regret to inform you that you have not got the job…hmmm… sounds a bit too direct. How about…’Dear Mr Watson, Thank you for your application to WebWare. We regret to inform you that you weren’t successful.’

Philip Hart: Hmmm…I think you should say something positive.

Marcia Boardman: But he was terrible!

Philip Hart: Well, he wasn’t great, no, but, I think we should be positive and polite.

Marcia Boardman: Yes, you’re absolutely right. OK how about this ‘Dear Mr Watson, Thank you for your application to WebWare. You were a promising candidate. However, we regret to inform you that the competition for the post was very strong, and we will not be offering you the position. Yours sincerely, etc etc…’

Philip Hart: Yes, that’s more like it…but we should include some feedback…

Marcia Boardman: Of course — how about if I add this: “In future, you may wish to moderate your personal style, and carefully fact check your CV…” How does that sound?

Philip Hart: I’m not sure what ‘moderate your personal style’ means. It’s a bit vague…

Marcia Boardman: Hmm…ok, how about ‘give more specific examples of your achievements, and show how you work as part of a team’.

Philip Hart: Ok, yes, I like that…and remember to finish with something like, ‘We wish you the best of luck in the future’!

Marcia Boardman: Of course — I certainly do wish him luck! Ok — done. I’ll send it now.

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