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Practice exercises:

Watch Daniel and Sarah make their presentations to see who can impress Philip and Marcia the most.


Daniel: When I was asked to do a presentation on ‘Where WebWare is going, and what I can do to help it get there,’ my first thought was simple: me!
As you’ve already seen, I’ve got a lot of skills, and the right kind of personality needed to do a job like this… Here’s a slide I made! You see that — that’s my sales team — they love me! Certainly going to be sad to see me leave…
Outside the box thinking — that’s what I’ve got…!

Sarah: Ok. To start with, I did a careful SWOT analysis using the data I had available, which is obviously only partial. I looked at aspects such as competitors, online visibility, changing technologies and R&D… On the basis of this, I believe WebWare should carry out some careful market research, strengthen its brand awareness in secondary markets, and improve the flexibility of its offer. If this produces positive results, I think it should be possible to maintain the premium pricing policy…

Daniel: Here’s the sales figures for the last job I did — all down to me! Blue sky thinking! Finally, to finish my presentation, I’d like to play you a song I wrote…

Philip Hart: Ok, Ok… that’s enough. Thanks Daniel…

Daniel: Great! So does that mean I’ve got the job?

Marcia Boardman: Erm, we’ll be in touch over the next five days to let you know…

Daniel: OK great, thank you.

Sarah: This is how I’d predict a sales pattern would go. I have to emphasise these are only speculative results at the moment.

The key words are: caution, adaptability, and consolidation of main product lines — WebWare’s “cash cows,” if you like. It’s important to be flexible, yet reliable. Oh, and another thing is you need to improve the delivery times on your online orders! I hope all that’s clear. Do you have any questions?

Philip Hart: No, thank you Sarah — that’s all very clear — you’ve given us quite a lot to think about there!

Marcia Boardman: Yes, thanks a lot Sarah. We’ll be in touch over the next few days to let you know about the appointment.

Sarah: Thank you both for your time. It’s been a pleasure meeting both of you.

Philip Hart / Marcia Boardman: Bye!

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