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Practice exercises:

What to say to a boyfriend when he lazes around in the house.


Girlfriend: Hello.

Boyfriend: All right.

Girlfriend: What have you been doing?

Boyfriend: Watching TV.

Girlfriend: Again?

Boyfriend: Yeah…

Girlfriend: What have you eaten?

Boyfriend: I got a takeaway pizza.

Girlfriend: Have you had a shave?

Boyfriend: No.

Girlfriend: Have you had a shower?

Boyfriend: No.

Girlfriend: You haven’t even changed your clothes!

Boyfriend: I’m relaxing!

Girlfriend: Look, this place is a mess.

Boyfriend: A mess?

Girlfriend: Yes. Look — you’ve got takeaway food boxes and empty drink cans everywhere.

Boyfriend: It’s just home. It’s my personal space.

Girlfriend: Well, it’s also my personal space. Listen, honey, can you just tidy up a bit?

Boyfriend: To tidy up?

Girlfriend: Yes. You know. Put things in the bin. Wash up the dishes.

Boyfriend: Okay I’ll do it later.

Girlfriend: Later when?

Boyfriend: Later.

Girlfriend: Do you know something? You’re a slob.

Boyfriend: A what?

Girlfriend: A slob.

Boyfriend: I’m just an ordinary guy.

Girlfriend: No you’re not. You’re a…

Boyfriend: …slob. I get it.

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