American Accent Training — Part 05 | aw sound | Spoken English | ESL | Vocabulary

American accent training video lesson to speak fluent English like a native English speaker.

AW: When your lips form a circular formation, however, a bit of more opening than an exact O.

Now listen to your teacher how he producs the AW sound.
For example,

All : AW-ll Bought : bAW-t

Fall : f-AW-ll Thought : thAW-t

Call : kAW-ll Fought : fAW-t

Tall : tAW-ll Long : lAW-ng

Hall : hAW-ll Taught : tAW-t

Squash : sqAW-sh War : wAW-r

Ball : bAW-ll Brawl : brAW-l

Wall : wAW-ll Solve : sAW-lv

Contract : kAWn-trai-kt Crawl : krAW-l

Caught : kAW-t Walk : wAW-k

Posture : pAWs-chur

Now those words are used in sentences.

All the kids ran to the playground in their break time.

She looked down and was afraid she might Fall.

The Call Center Industry is at a booming stage.

The city was full of extremely Tall buildings.

For the marriage we must book a banquet Hall.

In the game of Squash the Ball has to hit the Wall.

Can I have your Contact number?

The police Caught him red handed.

I think he bought a second hand car.

Before signing the papers give it a complete Thought.

I think they both Fought all night long.

I must’ve Taught you how to ride a bike when you were young.

America and Iraq were on War for so many years.

You’ll always find a Brawl happening near a Bar.

Who can actually Solve this question of mine?

Babies first Crawl before they can actually Walk.

It’s important to keep a straight Posture while Walking.

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