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American Accent Training — Vowel sound AI
AI: When ONLY your lower jaw (chin) stretches down, you then produce an AI sound.

The sound break-ups for the 21 sample words.

For example,

Man : mAI-n Vanish : vAI-nish

Can : kAI-n Slavish : slAI-vish

Van : vAI-n Lavish : lAI-vish
Tan : tAI-n Pass : pAI-ss

Ran : rAI-n Track : trAI-k

Fan : fAI-n Hack : hAI-k

Hand : hAIn-d Lapse : lAI-pse

Massive : mAI-siv Tap : tAI-p

Traffic : trAI-fik Grab : grAI-b

Jam : jAI-m Chance : chAI-nce

Pan : pAI-n

Now your teacher will read out sentences to demonstrate the 21 words.

He’s a Man of great words.

Would you like to drink a Can of Pepsi?

I’ve heard he’s just bought a new Van.

Lying on the beach I developed a Tan.

While playing football he Ran like the wind.

It’s getting hot ! can you please turn on the Fan .

I think I’ve hurt my Hand.

In the morning today there was a Massive Traffic Jam.

There must be a frying Pan in the kitchen.

The burglar had to Vanish behind the bushes.

Even after so much of hard work, he was Slavish in his behavior.

In order to maintain his image, he had to be Lavish in his expenditure.

Can you please Pass the salt.

Did you the know our school has a national-size race Track.

At an early age he was referred to as a ‘computer whiz’, and could Hack computers.

In his professional career this was the biggest ever Lapse he saw.

The water Tap seems to be broken.

You must always Grab your opportunities, if given a Chance.

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