American Accent Training : Lesson 06 | Vowel sound OH | English lesson ( ESL )

American Accent Training Lesson no 06 – the OH sound

Objectives of this lesson ;
To give you guidelines on the movement of your mouth parts for the correct OH sound.
To show where to put stress for OH sound for 16 words.
To demonstrate the OH sound by using those 16 words in sentences.

The OH vowel sound.
When your lips form a circular formation, and your lips stretch away from your mouth forming an exact O. It’s as if you’re blowing on a candle.

Sample words

Cold : kOH-ld Poultry : pOHl-tree

Told : tOH-ld Lower : lOH-uhr

Roll : rOH-ll Blower : blOH-uhr

Bold : bOH-ld Chorus : kOH-ruhs

Fold : fOH-ld Torn : tOHr-n

Mould : mOH-ld Born : bOHr-n

Hold : hOH-ld Horn : hOHr-n

Gold : gOH-ld Thorn : thOHr-n

Sample Sentences :

These winters were very Cold this time.

Haven’t I Told you the rules already?

In Bowling you need to Roll the ball.

Always be Bold and brave!

Can you please Fold your clothes properly.

Pottery needs to be Moulded accurately.

You Hold my hand, I’ll Hold yours.

These days every one is in search of Gold.

I’ve heard there’s a lot of money in Poultry farming.

Can you please Lower your window.

Is the Blower on? I think it is.

Let’s all try singing a Chorus.

You know what? I was Torn inside when you Told me the truth.

Some people are very lucky to be Born on the 1st of January.

I think I just stepped on a Thorn, it really hurts!

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