7. 9 words that will help you score IELTS band 9

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Here are the words as they appear in the video:

1. precursor
• (S)”My interest in geography was the precursor to my studies in cartography.”
• (W)”Thus, this example makes it clear that a university education acts as a precursor to career growth.”

2. catalyze
• (S)”The people I meet at business networking evenings in my city often catalyze professional opportunities.”
• (W) “Firstly, uniforms act as a catalyst for better classroom behaviour among students.”

3. linear
• (S) “My plans for the future are fairly linear. I’m completing my undergraduate degree now and intend to follow this with a master’s. Education is, therefore, in my foreseeable future.”
• (W T1) “The trend depicted between the months of February and June shows linear growth from 20 XYZ to 75 XYZ.”
• (W T2) “Thus, the progression from an educated background to a high level of business success is often linear.”

4. correlate
• (S)”Actually, the career progression of my sister positively correlates with mine. After she left our hometown, she also experienced a significant growth in employment opportunities.”
• (W T1) “The rise in automobile prices in 2008 is negatively correlated with automobile sales for the same year.”

5. avenue
• (S) “My father encouraged me to study languages, and this has opened up certain avenues for friendship I would not have otherwise had. For example, I have several close Japanese-speaking friends.”
• (W) “Firstly, studying a foreign language opens avenues for employment. For instance, …”

6. afford
• (S) “My university grades afforded me the opportunity to study abroad.”
• (W) “For example, the Chinese economic system has afforded the PRC unprecedented financial growth over the past three decades.”

7. actionable
• (S) “My university professor gave me several actionable pieces of advice. But most noteworthy was his suggestion that I focus my studies on North African history, as I was both interested in it and am of Tunisian ancestry.”
• (W) “Firstly, the actionable nature of the skills learned at university is clear. For instance, humanities programs like philosophy, English literature and history push students to exhibit logical progression in their thinking and writing. As these organized thought patterns are often the basis of success in business, it is clear that a link exists between the skills learned at university and the ability one has to accomplish a professional goal.”

8. embody
• (S) “My father is an embodiment of a traditional military upbringing. He does everything by routine.”
• (W) “Firstly, technology in the classroom has undeniable links to academic performance. The use of tablets in Korean classrooms embodies this idea perfectly.”

9. fortify
• (S) “I’m taking courses in the evening after work to fortify my professional skills.”
• (W) “Thus, the fact that successful attempts are being made by other developing countries to replicate China’s growth fortifies the argument that the Chinese economic model is one that accelerates the elimination of poverty in undeveloped nations.”

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