13. IELTS model response #13 – Academic Task 1 (diagram)

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/>Here is the model response as it appears in the video:

The diagram shows the hydro-electric power generating process. According to the image, the process contains both cyclical and linear stages and is highly dependent upon natural rainfall and the force of gravity.

The process begins when the sun’s rays evaporate water. This evaporated moisture forms clouds and is precipitated back to the earth as rain. Some of this rain is collected in a dammed reservoir located at the base of a mountain, which uses the earth’s gravitational pull to enhance the water collection process. The dam is connected to a valve that allows the water to flow downhill and into a turbine, where the kinetic energy of this moving water is converted to electricity. The water is then directed towards a pump and returned to the reservoir for future use.

The electricity produced in the turbine is routed to a transformer station via high voltage cables. The transformer station converts the electricity to a useable energy and transfers this energy to residential and industrial areas through underground cable. Energy consumption marks the final stage of the process.


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